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Zen Stones

How I work...

My training and experience has included approaches to therapy that span a continuum. While these approaches are very different, they are not in opposition, and can be used to help anyone depending on what they are most wanting to change.

I am trained psychodynamically with an emphasis on the unconscious, deeper meanings, and long-term intrapsychic changes. This approach involves exploring the past to gain a greater understanding of the present.

EMDR is a specialized treatment developed to heal trauma that is also useful in helping with other therapeutic goals including removing obstacles to change, resolving past experiences, or changing habits.


While working in substance use and eating disorder treatment, I have used evidenced-based theories including CBT, DBT, and mindfulness-based neuroscience.  These theories are based in present-day experience, often include setting measurable goals, and are helpful for gaining awareness of thought patterns and making behavioral changes. 

 Because not everyone who seeks therapy will have a single issue they are addressing, but rather multiple, overlapping situations that will change over time, the approach I take will often change, but it will always be based in empathetic listening and mindful awareness.  

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