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Merrilee Burke 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  

California License #105058  

Virginia License #0717001881  

Trauma - EMDR

Mindful Substance Use

Alcohol Moderation

Depression & Anxiety

Eating Disorders, Including Binge Eating

Compassion Fatigue

Self Esteem & Self Worth

Peer Issues & Social Anxiety

Changing Habits


What is Mindful Substance Use?


Our lives are all about relationships: with other people, ourselves, our surroundings, and even alcohol and other substances. All relationships have ups and downs and can leave us wondering if they are good for us.


Maybe you have concern about how much time you spend with a substance or how it impacts your functioning, emotions, or relationships with other people. You might feel that you are not addicted, but wish you had more control in your relationship with substances.


With experience in mindfulness-based psychotherapy and substance use treatment, I can help you to understand your relationship with substances in a non-judgmental setting. We can explore the psychological factors that may be impacting the relationship and discover ways you can have more control. Or, if you decide sobriety is the best choice for you, I can help you down that road as well. Either way, we can help you find the lifestyle that is right for you.

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